Solution of Solar Street Lighting

Solar street lights are a new option for outdoor lighting.It takes one step further than traditional street lights.In addition to many benefits such as cost and performance, the use of solar lighting solutions has a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Our Solar street lights has split solar street light and all in one solar street light.How to choose to use them ?Let’s learn their difference.

Split solar street light: the LED light source, solar panel, battery are installed separately, which is the first generation .As this solar street light has separate components, the configuration of each component is more flexible. It can be easily designed according to lighting requirements. It is very practical for those areas with long rainy weather. The larger the area of the same battery panel, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency, and the capacity of the battery is proportional to the volume. Therefore, this kind of solar street light are more suitable for some places with relatively high lighting requirements .


All in one solar street lights:All in one LED solar street light is to integrate all the components, solar panel, rechargeable battery and LED light source together, so we also call it integrated solar street light. The design of all in one solar street light is more concise in appearance. Also this integrated solar street light is very simple to install and it is more economic.


If you want to choose a suitable solar street light, you must choose according to your actual situation, whether the lighting requirements are high, and the rainy weather is not long. All in one solar street lights and split solar street lights are both high performance street lighting products suitable for different places.

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Post time: Sep-19-2022